Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Novel apolipoprotein A-V discovered

Extreme biochem alert!!!

Just came back from recent fellows journal club and we discussed the discovery of a novel apolipoprotein V. I just wanted to add this to our Journal club because it may have some drug target implications.

Apolipoprotein V was discovered about six years ago and it appears that apoA-V may lead to increased plasma TG hydrolysis or mediate cellular uptake of remnant particles. It's over-expression leads to reduced levels of triglycerides.

It is still a novel apolipoprotein and its various isoforms have not been fully studied.

Click here for a good review article on the topic (if you have run out of Ambien).

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  1. Interesting stuff. But your right, I think that I could even sleep through my kids' wailing at night if wade too deep into the article.


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