Thursday, February 19, 2009

Here's your authrorization!

I don't want to ruin the clinical/scientific spirit of the blog by weighing it down with the daily idiocy of medical practice (I'm considering making a separate blog for that, let me know what you think), but I have to vent.

I have prescribed sensipar for a patient with primary hyperparathyroidism who was not a surgical candidate. I've prescibed it for 3 days a week (in a rather overcautious way perhaps to avoid potential hypocalcemia), and now want to increase the dosing to every other day. I originally filled out an authorization for the 3 day a week dosing and it was approved. Now the insurance company wants me to fill out a completely new authorization form for this minor change in dose frequency.

Here is My authorization:
  • 12 years of Grade School
  • 4 years towards a Bachelor of Science Degree
  • Qualifiying MCAT scores
  • 4 Years of Medical School
  • 3 USMLE exams
  • 3 years of Internal Medicine Residency
  • Board Certification in Internal Medicine
  • 2 years Endocrinology fellowship (where I learned how to spell sensipar)
  • Board Certification in Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism
  • Numerous awards, Grand Rounds, etc.
In other words I really don't need to fill out any G-- D--- authorization, because I make the decisions not these zeros....

I have a work around which I'll post separately. When you've worked at LAC you know how to get around anything.

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